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LKU Group, Inc. is a full-service M/E/P Consulting Engineering firm located in Elmwood Park, NJ.  LKU offers a complete array of traditional engineering design services in the Plumbing/Fire Protection, HVAC and Electrical disciplines, as well as complete in-house services in the area of Sustainable Design including Integrated Design activities in support of LEED® Certification. LKU has a long history of providing high-quality professional engineering designs in a wide variety of market sectors with particular emphasis in the Academic, University, Healthcare, Housing and Boiler Plant/Chiller Plant/Central Utilities sectors.
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Consulting Engineering Services in NJ Elevate Your Brand

Engineering starts from the ground up—and we make it our mission to provide the best engineering services for many different market sectors. Whether your construction is an academic building, healthcare facility, housing unit, or utilities project, our team will build what you need.


We design healthcare facilities with the patient in mind. Accessibility, sustainability, and a welcoming environment make healthcare visits better.

Research & Development

Get the expert information you need when planning your next construction project in NJ.

Residential Lowrise

Building a multi-family unit requires careful consideration. Our team makes sure your tenants are safe and comfortable.

Residential Highrise

The taller the building, the more carefully NJ’s best engineers must plan! Build sky-high with our team of consulting engineers.
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Our Commitment to Quality Engineering

LKU Group has been providing consulting engineering services in NJ for decades—and nothing has been built stronger than our customer service! No matter if we are designing a high-rise urban apartment, planning a new hospital, or consulting on a new multifamily apartment, we put our clients and their occupants at the top of our priorities.

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Our extensive resume is comprised of over 3,500 projects completed

Our diverse project list includes commercial buildings, manufacturing structures and much more

Engineering Solutions in Elmwood Park

Find the best engineering designs for your market with our full-service M/E/P consulting engineering firm in Elmwood Park, NJ.

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